Magic Jack vs netTalk

I am glad you are back here to find out more about the cons and pros of Magic Jack and netTalk through the prism of comparison.

Price. As it has been already mentioned. Magic Jack costs only $19.99 per one year of service and $39.99 as an initial payment for the device, including one year of free calling. When you look at the offer from netTalk, you will a number 5 times larger. However, this implies a lifetime of free calling locally and internationally. For $100 you will use Magic Jack for 5 years only. On the other hand, may you will find something more attractive in a year and will end up overpaying if you choose netTalk?

Installation. Magic Jack installation is no more complicated than connecting you PC any other independent device. You plug it into the USB port, then the other side of Magic Jack goes to your landline cord, the software pops up onto the computer screen and go ahead – make your first call! No need to download anything or additionally install. The account is easily set up during the installation process when the relevant windows appear on the screen. Number key board on your screen facilitates the process of dialing phone numbers.

netTalk is a little bit different in this respect. First of all you have to go the web site of the company to create personal account. Afterwards, you connect an Ethernet cable of the router to the netTalk TK6000 box, where you also plug in the desk phone. The device immediately arranges into a working circle. Once the phone rings, this means that you are in the network, and the gadget is ready to be used. There is no “softphone” featured by Magic Jack on your desktop, so it is not that convenient to dial numbers. However, if you have not used Magic Jack before you will hardly feel any disadvantage.

Size. Both Magic Jack and netTalk devices are tiny and easy to hide behind your computer. They do not take much place. If Magic Jack can simply be plugged into the back USB port of your computer, so netTalk has no direct access to that outcome and is connected via cords, and thus can be easily moved behind the monitor.

Sound quality. In most cases people write about sound quality in complaints only. The problem with Magic Jack is that sometimes you ca here eco when talking to someone, but it is so minor that you may not even notice it, because sometimes cell phone and even landline phones can provide such awful noises that you can barely hear the person on the other side.

netTalk is also far from being perfect. netTalk users suffer irritating hassle in the receiver during the incoming calls. At some point it gets so loud that you can barely understand a word of you interlocutor. This can happen several times per one call, but not less than once.

If you have not tried any of these, you have a chance! With Magic Jack you have a 30-day money back guarantee in case you do not like it, while same offer is granted by netTalk.

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