Magic Jack Is Not Alone

They call it a “Magic Jack killer”… Yes, this is about netTALK!

When Magic Jack was introduced, there seemed to be nothing more financially efficient than that. The equipment is no expensive, the technology is simple to use, as well yearly phone bill is ridiculously low. When you purchase the device you pay some $39.99 per item and this includes all the software and a chip for the softphone to appear on your desktop. The first year of service is free of charge and all the upcoming (if you are willing to continue with the service) cost only $19.99 per year.

Moreover, the gadget came with a 30 day money back guarantee, do that you are not charged for it in case you are not satisfied and return the device.

How does it work? This small plastic peripheral is plugged into the USB port on the one side and is connected to the home phone on the other. The software is installed in a matter of a few seconds. You will have to spend some time creating and registering your account, but that is no harder than to create an email account.

The only inconvenience in my opinion is that your PC has to always be running if you want to receive calls and not voice messages in your mail box.

This was such an incredible offer at the very beginning given than millions of numbers were free. At the present time, Magic Jack sells up to 10 thousands devices per DAY! Can you imagine how many people are tempted?

However, nothing is steady, everything is moving on, is in constant state of transition, especially technology. There was no doubt that it would take some time for a real rival for Magic Jack to appear. And the time came and brought netTalk!

It emerged with its even more magical proposal – $99.95 for its lifetime unlimited service. On the other hand if you are financially concerned, Magic Jack will offer 5 years of service for this money. And who knows what happens in this time period, maybe people will be driving air cars, and will be able to communicate their thoughts on the telepathic level J.

When the issue of money is settled for you and you leaned towards netTalk, a completely different world opens before you. The installation process is different, the desktop picture is missing, and there are distinct issues with sound quality during the phone talk.

This would require some additional time to compare these two devices, their cons and pros. If you are interested at all slip to another page, and I will meet you there quite soon with another pile of information on your VoIP options, beneficial deals and clear comparison of these two incredible offers from Magic Jack and netTalk!

To be continued…

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